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11th June 2013
GameTrailers' Interview with Sam Lake

This year GameTrailers have a pretty packed schedule full of interviews, trailers, and discussions about the newly announced games at E3. It's a pretty exciting time for any gamer, but this year is particularly special for Remedy fans. A little while ago Geoff Keighley interviewed Sam Lake live on the show, where he revealed some pretty interesting information about the game.

If you missed it, click HERE to watch it on the GameTrailers website or watch it below!


Sam reveals that the protagonist, Jack Joyce, was involved in a failed science experiment taking place in Riverport, a university town. There is a much bigger science fiction element in this title compared to previous Remedy games as the project was focused on time travel, and the project's failure leads to a number of character acquiring time bending powers.

As well as Jack, there are additional characters such as Kate (female lead), Sofia Amaral (saved from the blast) and Paul (the antagonist) who Sam refers to as "someone who comes close from stealing the show". In the game you play as two characters, or "two and a half" as Sam describes it, as you also assume control of Paul for a small section of the game.

Like in Alan Wake, the game will be episodically delivered mirroring the live action TV element of the title. The game is a single player experience, but will have social aspects to it, at the moment Remedy is not disclosing what these will be.


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