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10th June 2013
More Screenshots for Quantum Break

A little while ago, Remedy posted up some new screenshots of Quantum Break showing us our new protagonist, Jack Joyce. (Who I will accidentally call James Joyce* before quickly editing the post and pretending like nothing has happened...Now that was a man with an impressive moustache!)

Jack Joyce was part of a science experiment gone wrong and who now has the ability to stutter and slow down time. Being part of a failed science experience sounds pretty sucky for our protagonist, but on the plus side Remedy just released a selection of gorgeous new in game screenshots for your viewing pleasure!

For larger images check out our Quantum Break screenshot gallery or the official Facebook page.

*James Joyce is most famous for his work, Ulysses. Ulysses was the text which inspired Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey Monomyth ...Which Sam Lake mentions on his blog, This House of Dreams (poem 19). And This House of Dreams expands the story of Alan Wake....I like the coincidence! :)

New Screenshot Time!

Jack on the destroyed bridge we saw during the Microsoft Conference last month.


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