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30th May 2013
Quantum Break Teaser Cover Released (Updated)

Update #1:  Remedy has stated that the image is teaser cover art and might not represent the final image.
Update #2: Microsoft has stated that the game will not be a launch title, but will be released soon after.
Update #3: There's also an interesting discussion about it happening at the Remedy Forums, click HERE.

Today Remedy released the artwork (via Facebook) that will be gracing the cover of their next big thing.

It tends to be something which is released in the later stages of a game's development (at least for some studios), so it gives the impression that Quantum Break may be coming out as a possible launch title for the XBOX ONE.
The cover (below) features two people. One, a young angry gentleman, possibly related to both Max Payne (given the stare of death usually reserved cats) and Alan Wake. The other character is a young woman, with an intentional air of mystery about her character. We don't know yet the names of these characters, what kind of role they play in the game, who the main character is or if you play as numerous characters...But the main guy on the front of the cover looks like a Derrick to me.

There are also a few other details that can be picked out from the cover such as the moth symbol on the building. Given the purpose of the artwork, it would be a logical guess to assume that it will be reappearing in the storyline. There is also fire sparks along the left hand side, which mirror's the game's tag line "time is the fire in which we burn". And I can't help but see Remedy's previous protagonists in the trail...

If you've picked out more details in the cover, or would like to talk about the image in general, make sure to post in the comment box below! 


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