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22nd May 2013
Sam Lake's Announcement to Fans
Alan Wake's Journey Through The Night Will Continue!

Yesterday Microsoft revealed that Remedy has been working on a new IP entitled Quantum Break which is due for release on the upcoming XBOX One. So what about Alan Wake's future? Well, Sam Lake explains the decision for the new game and the developer's intention and desire to return to their prior franchise in a new video.

It seems that it was due to financial matters which arose with the initial sales from Alan Wake's release back in early 2010. Since then the series has sold over 3 million copies, which proved to the company that there is a future with Alan! But when work began on the new game, the future was unclear.

I thought it was quite touching that the company did this. Especially as not many companies choose to come out and be honest with fans. So much respect for Remedy and Sam Lake!

Check out the video below! And the humble bundle mentioned by Sam: HERE!


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