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23rd May 2013
Humble Bundle - Alan Wake Week

As announced by Sam in Remedy's recent video, Alan Wake is the main focus of this week's Humble Bundle!

For those who don't know, Humble Bundle provides you with a game and gives you the choice of how much you would like to pay for the product. Not only that, but it allows you to control where you want your money to go; how much of your money is sent to the developers and how much is sent to charity. However with Alan Wake, what you are given in return for your money is a lot more exciting and interesting than your average game offer.  (Offer ends Wednesday 29th May)

Here's the full list of digital goodness you can expect to receive in the bundle:

  • Alan Wake Collector's Edition (PC)
    including: In-game commentary
  • Alan Wake's Soundtrack
  • "The Alan Wake Files" PDF
  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare (PC)
  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare Soundtrack
  • Early Game Demos
  • Harry Garrett Show (as seen in Episode 6)
  • Making of... Videos (6 Documentaries)
  • Writer in The Cabin Videos
  • Night Springs Episodes
  • Balance Slays the Demon Music Video
  • Alan Wake "The Movie" Playthrough (All 6 Episodes)
  • "The Libary of Production Photos and Concept Art" PDF
  • Alan Wake Score Sheet Music
  • Alan Wake Screenplays
    including: Alan Wake, The Signal, The Writer, American Nightmare Manuscript Pages, Mr Scratch Videos, American Nightmare Radio Shows and American Nightmare Fight Til Dawn Narration.
  • Alan Wake Visual Identity Guidelines
  • Alan Wake Wallpapers
  • Cardboard Cut Outs
  • Night Springs Comic Book PDF
  • Psycho Thriller Comic Book PDF
CLICK HERE to go to the Humble Bundle website.


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