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21st May 2013
New IP: Quantum Break Announced At Microsoft's Conference

It's the announcement that we were all waiting for, but perhaps not expecting. It seems Remedy will be moving away from the Alan Wake series for a little while as today at Microsoft's conference, they announced a brand new IP called Quantum Break. Not a lot has been released about the game yet, but you can check out its interesting trailer below....

As for the Alan Wake franchise, a little while ago Remedy's Creative Director and Lead Writer, Sam Lake, announced via Twitter that " we’ll return to Wake when the time is right. More on this tomorrow." So if you're a little shocked by the developer's change in direction then hopefully tomorrow's announcement may settle some concerns about the series' future.

Admittedly due to the success of the previous franchise and owning an "Alan Wake fansite", the announcement to create a new IP was something which I really wasn't prepared for. That being said I was actually planning on turning this little corner of the internet into a Remedy fansite, it just means that it's now going to take place a touch early. Not only will there be information on the Alan Wake series but also Quantum Break, Max Payne 2, Max Payne and Death Rally. Hopefully in the next few months, there will be some interesting new sections on the site! (Remedy can't get rid of us THAT easily :P)


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