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29th April 2013
Fan Section Ideas

For our Poets of the Fall event recently I asked you what things would you like to see. One of the ideas especially caught my eye. Erin suggested that we could have a fan gallery, or category, in which you can post your own fan created material. I loved the idea but admittedly it took a little longer to sort everything out, afterall it would mean a new section and one that ideally would run for a long time.

This post is a shout out to any Alan Wake and/or Poets of the Fall fans out there who have created something interesting and unique and would like to share it with others. This can be cosplay, fanfiction, fan art etc. A list of ideas will be posted below. Of course this isn't a full list, and if you have any additional ideas, I would love to hear about them and put them on the site.

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