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30th April 2013
Guest Article (POTF): Zoltar Figure by PieRaptor

Today I'm going to introduce to you a lovely Poets of the Fall fan known on the Internet under her super secret ninja name, PieRaptor. Recently she wrote an article for our POTF event, regarding a figure she made inspired by Zoltar's appearance in Carnival of Rust.  Read the article below!

Hi everyone! First of all thank you so much to the hosts of this event for asking me to talk about this figurine I made based off the Carnival of Rust music video!

I’ll be talking about creating this figurine step by step, so if you would like to make one keep reading!

What I used:
Super Sculpey
Embossing Tool

And assorted acrylic paints! (Brown, black, white and blue!)

So…the structure of this figurine was easy. A ball for the head, and a square for the body! I added two tiny sausages for arms, as well, and ended up making the hat which was simply a cup shape with the rim facing up, and an oval in the center of the “cup”. I accidentally made the head of my figurine too big, so he occasionally falls over, oops! I recommend making a ball of tin foil the size you want the head to be and covering the head in clay, and making the base out of pure clay, so he won’t fall over constantly.

After attaching the head and base pieces I took my embossing tool and, with the largest end, I put two huge holes in his head. I wanted my figurine to look cartoony and I thought it would also be a neat way to add bags to the eyes! I made two tiny oval shapes and put them in the sockets for his eyes, then attached the arms and hat!

When I was done he looked like this: 

As you can see, there are small lining details in the hat that can be done easily with the smaller end of the embossing tool. He also looks dirty, but don’t worry about that, we’re painting over it!

Bake your figurine according to the instructions included in your clay! When your figurine has baked, let it cool completely. When it has cooled, if you want, you can paint a layer of gesso or primer on him. I did not do this but it is an option!

I painted his face pure white, and his body and hat brown. When the white paint dried I watered down some of the brown paint I used and put that in the “sockets” of his eyes to make him look like he had bags. After that I painted the black stripe on his left eye and then painted his eyes blue!

I hope that you enjoyed this article / tutorial! If you make a figurine off my tutorial PLEASE send me a link through my tumblr ( or my DeviantArt ( I would genuinely love to see them! :D


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