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30th March 2013
New Section: Poets of the Fall Blog

Being an Alan Wake site, we can’t really focus on both the series and also POTF on one site; there tends to be more news from the band than from the game developers especially between title announcements. So we have decided to make a special blog (this one!) so we can write about the their adventures…Also we can post photos in a fancy and neat way, which Blogger doesn’t really allow us to do. :)

Of course while Remedy and POTF share a lot of history, we also love them outside the games. Carnival of Rust was the first song I heard from the group, my favourite song is Signs of Life, lately the song I’ve been playing the most is Fire…The Alan Wake site was a way of expressing excitement and enthusiasm for both parties.

There will still be POTF news posted on our main site, but this will be the main place where we will post about the band.

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