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2nd April 2013
Poets of the Fall Event - Ideas Page!

Hey guys!

Poets of the Fall will be celebrating their 10th anniversary on the 25th April!

It’s extremely exciting but also extremely close.We’ve been arranging a special 10th anniversary event…Except we were arranging it for when Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (which had their first song Late Goodbye) was originally released in October. In a recent interview with STALKER, Marko said that they’re celebrating it in 23 days time instead of the 196 days we thought we had. MARKO!!! *shakes fist in air* :)

HOWEVER! Life wouldn’t be fun if it didn’t have its challenges, and this will certainly be a challenge as it usually takes quite a bit longer to arrange an event like this. So if you have any ideas about what you would like to see during this event, it would be great to hear them!

Remedy and the band shares so much history spread over the past decade, and there are so many fans (myself included) who found POTF due to their involvement with the Max Payne and Alan Wake franchises. Naturally, it’s something that we’re very interested in doing and I hope you are looking forward to the event too.

What would you like to see? Competitions? Features? Articles?
If you have any suggestions, make sure to comment below or send me an email!
All suggestions are welcome! :)


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