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23rd March 2013
Fan Art Fortnight: Jax

To conclude our Fan Art Fortnight event we have the lovely Jax, also know as WackyJax on deviantArt. You may recognise her as a regular contributor (TheArtist) to the fan art section over at the Remedy forums. Jax has created a series of wonderful Alan Wake fanart, some elegant and undoubtedly creepy...

... It's glamorous until you get to the blood, the dead body and the squirming darkness surrounding the  image, but it's that dark humour that makes us love American Nightmare's antagonist and Jax's artwork.

She has also created a collection of fantastic comics; my favourite is the Alan Wake and Star Wars crossover...It sounds strange but surprisingly works! Thomas Zane as Anakin, Alice as Leia, Barry as the small but lovable Yoda...I can see it! Sam, Mikki, Cam! You need to write this game!

I highly recommend checking out her dA page, especially for her comics!


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