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18th March 2013
Two New EDGE Articles!

Today, EDGE magazine posted two new Remedy related (Remedyish? Remedy-esqe?) articles!

The first article, entitled "Region Specfic: North Face to Face" focuses on the Finnish video game industry as a whole. The group (including AJ, Remedy's EVP) discussed the recent changes to the education system and improvements in the industry.

Echoing our last visit to Helsinki nearly two years ago in E229, RedLynx hosts this year’s well-subscribed group discussion. Those present are: RedLynx CEO Tero Virtala; Housemarque CEO and co-founder Ilari Kuittinen; Remedy executive VP Aki Järvilehto;  Sami Lahtinen, SVP of game development at Rovio; Umbra’s CTO, Otso Mäkinen; Joensuu Science Park development manager Veikko Miettinen; Mental Moustache CEO Heikki Koljonen; Matthew Bond, a developer at Tripworks; Tekes senior advisor Mari Isbom; Nitro CEO Jussi Tähtinen; and Neogames director KooPee Hiltunen, as well as coordinator Suvi Latva. It’s a packed room, one where the broad span of the Finnish game industry spectrum is represented. With Trials Evolution: Gold Edition on the brink of release (it’s due to arrive on March 22), we all settled around an aureate tablecloth and several bottles of gold-flake-filled liquor to discuss what has changed in the region since we were last here, and learn about the new challenges that rapid growth has brought.
CLICK HERE for the article.

The second articles focuses more on Remedy, in fact it's EDGE's "Studio Profile" of the company, and it has some pretty interesting statistics. We all know that the company is constantly growing around the time that Alan Wake was released there were approximately 45 people, now there's 93! The article is full of interesting facts like that! The article also features an interview with AJ!

Remedy has fostered a reputation for taking its time. Over the course of its 18 years, only six games have left its doors, and those across just three series: Death Rally, Max Payne and Alan Wake. But now the trickle is becoming more of a flow, with the studio releasing the downloadable Alan Wake’s American Nightmare last year and dedicating a team to in-house mobile projects. It’s certainly not about to rush anything, though – the same philosophy it applies to its internal microbrewery, which produces Asgard’s Best beer. Here, executive VP Aki Järvilehto talks up the more lithe Remedy.

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EDGE previously created a studio profile for Remedy in the past, if you're interested, here it is!


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