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15th March 2013
Poets of the Fall PledgeMusic Campaign

Today Poets of the Fall's Live DVD campaign began over at PledgeMusic! For POTF fans this is an incredible opportunity to help the band raise the funds needed to release their DVD and also receive some special goodies along the way!

The band are filming their Moscow gig on the 23rd March and are planning on release it later on DVD (and possibly BlueRay depending on the campaign)

At the moment the campaign is only a few hours old and so far many fans have taken advantage of the limited edition goodies and it's already passed the 50% mark. Make sure to be a part of it! The campaign will run on for the next three months. If the project reaches 100%, the DVD production will go ahead!

Planned features for the DVD release:
     - Our show filmed by a top camera crew in Moscow on 23rd March 2013
     - 5.1 and stereo audio
     - Documentary material from the tour
     - Behind the scenes photos
     - An exclusive interview

     - "DVD Soundtrack" download + updates
                   Total: €10
     - Live DVD
                   Total: €25

     - Live DVD (Signed)
                   Total: €30 

     - DVD with Diamonds for Tears Single (Signed)
                   Total: €32 

     - DVD with dedication (Signed)
                   Total: €35

     - DVD with Anniversary Badge
                   Total: €40

     - DVD with Anniversary Shirt
                    Total: €40 
     - DVD with Postcard (Signed) and POTF Lanyard with Anniversary Badge
                    Total: €40 
     - DVD with Temple of Thought Bonus Edition (Signed)
                    Total: €40 
     - DVD with your name in the credits
                    Total: €50 
      - DVD with all Albums (Signed)
                    Total: €100+
     - DVD with Lollipop Plate (from Carnival of Rust Music Video)
                    Total: €200+
     - DVD with Marko's Top Hat (from Cradled in Love video + used in gigs)
                    Total: €250
     - DVD with Marko's Original Artwork
                    Total: €600+
     - DVD with Olli's 15 Year Acoustic Guitar (Signed)
                    Total: €1000


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