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14th March 2013
Fan Art Fortnight: Stephen

The Alan Wake community has a large group of extremely talented fan artists. Over the next two weeks, we will be spotlighting 14 fans who have created a series of wonderful artwork inspired by Remedy's latest franchise.

If you hang around the Remedy forums, chances are that you're already familiar with some of Stephen (aka stephenb19 on DeviantArt) artwork; he has created the fantastic series of logos that you can see above, on his dA page!

Stephen takes inspiration from the game's locations, from the luscious wildlife of the Bright Falls National Park to the dark, foreboding atmosphere surrounding the radio station. These logos are simply beautiful with a cacophony of brilliant colours.

Additionally, Stephen is also a photographer with an array of utterly stunning photographs from Scotland. If you're interested in nature photography I recommend you see some of his works. Make sure to like his Facebook Page for updates, check out his dA page and follow him on Twitter!



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