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11th March 2013
Fan Art Fortnight: Kook231036

The Alan Wake community has a large group of extremely talented fan artists. Over the next two weeks, we will be spotlighting 14 fans who have created a series of wonderful artwork inspired by Remedy's latest franchise.

I tend to play horror games or tactical games, I'm not really easily scared with big monsters and I like to think I approach things logically. However Kook seems to appeal to the side of my brain which thinks baby goats, cats and little seahorses are adorable. The photo to the right definitely appeals to this side of my brain especially as it comes with a rather nice backstory.

Like Lana and Aleoo, Kook took her inspiration from the game's backstory; the idea that Wake's fate was always leading him to become the Champion of Light. Wake's mother gave the Clicker to him as a child, and Zane gave the Clicker to him as an adult.

I find the idea of a young Alan looking through the window towards Zane rather sweet, especially as they're rumours circulating around the forums that Zane is Alan's absent father.

Another personal favourite of Kook's is her gif inspired by The Writer DLC which you can see below. I love the simplicity of the image with the focus on the screen rather than the model.

Make sure to check out Kook's dA Page here!
 photo television_illuminate_by_kook231036-d5isgyc.gif


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