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12th March 2013
Fan Art Fortnight: VelvetRue

The Alan Wake community has a large group of extremely talented fan artists. Over the next two weeks, we will be spotlighting 14 fans who have created a series of wonderful artwork inspired by Remedy's latest franchise.

Next up we have VelvetRue with one of my all time favourite pieces of fan art! The work is called "Haunted" and is inspired by the events of episode two in which Rose is possessed by the Dark Presence. In the final scene of the episode, Rose makes a phone call to Barry luring the Writer and his Agent into the trailer park, where time is stolen from them. It's quite a creepy scene especially as Rose is probably the most innocent character in the entire game. Velvetrue manages to perfectly capture both the Waitress' innocence and the manipulation of Jagger incredibly well.

I also love the small details in her fan art! The use of minimal colours are effective; how the background is black and all you see of the antagonist is her face and a bony hand placed on Rose's shoulder. Then there's Rose's shocked face either showing fear or devoid of happiness as though the Darkness has removed it to possess her...

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