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26th February 2013
Rumour: Microsoft Event on 26th April?

Before getting to the reasons behind this rumour, I would want to stress that neither Remedy nor Microsoft have confirmed anything. The rumour originated with VG247 who used information provided by a "good source" and a registered web domain. It's not exactly an insane rumour, after all Sony has just announced the PS4 and caught its competitors off guard and the new XBOX has been in development for a few years now.

There's a number of games rumoured to be announced with the console, but of course, as we're an Alan Wake site, we're interested in the possibility of Remedy's new title making an appearance.

At E3 in 2005, Remedy announced Alan Wake which was planned to be released as one of the first games for the XBOX360. Skipping forward eight years and two games later, it appears that Remedy might be announcing their next title as one of the first games for Microsoft's new XBOX. This rumour has several connections to confirmations we've had recently and a few coincidences...

  1. Sam Lake stated via Twitter that Remedy were planning on announcing something this year. (Below)
  2.  Strangely enough the event would be the third anniversary of Alan Wake; the game was released 26th April 2010.
  3. On their website, Remedy confirmed that they're making the game for next generation consoles.

It would be pretty exciting if this rumour becomes reality!
Source: Remedy Forums


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