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22nd February 2013
Poets of the Fall's 10th Anniversary Tour Begins

A year ago today Alan Wake's American Nightmare was released. Today, Poets of the Fall's 10th Anniversary tour begins in Pressa, Helsinki...I've concluded that 22nd February is just an awesome day. 

At the moment they have confirmed dates in Finland, Russia and Ukraine, with many to be confirmed and announced as the year progresses. 

Full list of dates so far (22/02/13):

22th - Press (Helsinki, Finland)


16th - M/S Viking Grace (Turku, Finland)
22nd-28th Russia and Ukraine Tour
       22nd - Kosmonavt (St. Petersburg, Russia)
       23rd - Arena Hall (Krasnodar, Russia)
       24th - Arena Hall (Krasnodar, Russia)
       26th - Tele-Club (Yekaterinburg, Russia)
       28th - Bingo (Kiev, Ukraine)

17th - Bar Ihku*  (Kittilä, Finland)
26th - M/S Mariella (Helsinki, Finland)

*Acoustic Version 

For fans new to the Alan Wake series and community, Poets of the Fall played a big part in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare. The band's involvement with Remedy started in the Max Payne series back in 2003 which acted as a catalyst for the band being formed. Their song, Late Goodbye, was the first one that was publicly released by the group. In 2010, Alan Wake was released; the title contained three songs by the band, Children of the Elder God, The Poet and the Muse and War. Their music video for War was also Alan Wake themed with Ilkka Villi portraying the games' eponymous protagonist. In American Nightmare, POTF created Balance Slays the Demon and The Happy Song.


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