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28th February 2013
BBC Visits Remedy

Remedy was busy for an additional reason today. The BBC paid a visit to the offices where they intereviewed Matias Myllyrinne. At the moment it's unclear what the interview will be used for; the developers haven't revealed yet.

Over the past few months, there seems to be a growing interest from the British media regarding video games. Recently there seems to be more postive news stories, dedicated events and a focus on improving the industry. Finland currently appears to have a better system for supporting companies especially starting ones compared to the UK; Finland's industry is constantly growing and it's successful. In April, the UK government will be introducing new tax relief for their gaming industry which should help improve and support developers and publishers. Given Matias' background with improving Remedy's business and finance and as a speaker at gaming conferences such as GDC, it wouldn't be too crazy an idea to think that the interview might be connected to the UK's new tax relief.


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