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10th November 2012
Community Spotlight: Aleoo's Alan Wake Fanart

The Alan Wake community is undoubtedly incredibly talented, and for this Fan Focus, I am very excited to talk about the creations by one of my favourite artists; Aleoo.

If you've visited the Remedy forums, then chances are that you've seen some of her work.

I have two specific favourites from her collection that I want to mention here. The first is the above image of Alan and Alice, I love the little implied backstory of it, that it takes place after the events of Bright Falls. It's like a little memento from the past which simultaneously both sweet and sad. My second favourite is the Art Nouveau style image below of Alice submerged under the waves at Cauldron Lake.  The lighting is the first thing that jumps out. The contrast of the light and dark (especially those yellow and blue tones) reminds me of the closing cutscene of American Nightmare.

Make sure to check out her website, DeviantArt page or her thread at the Remedy forums.


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