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9th November 2012
Poets of the Fall Digistore Sale

Until the end of this month, Poets of the Fall's songs are now half price via their Digistore. This deal covers their entire collection of albums, singles and specials.

The band has a large presence in the Alan Wake games, as they created several songs through their alter-ego The Olds of Asgard. They are the talent behind the tracks; Children of the Elder God, The Poet and the Muse, War, Balance Slays the Demon, and The Happy Song...They're also extremely lovely!

This sale will end on 30th November, followed by the temporary closure of that section of the site!

CLICK HERE for the Digistore.

Avalible through the Digistore:

  • Albums
      - Signs of Life
      - Carnival of Rust
      - Revolution Roulette
      - Twilight Theater
      - Alchemy Vol. 1
      - Temple of Thought
    (Bonus Edition)
  • Singles
      - The Lie Eternal (Radio Edit)
      - Cradled in Love
      - Can You Hear Me

  • Alan Wake Songs
      - Balance Slays the Demon
      - The Happy Song
    (American Nightmare Edit)
      - Children of the Elder Gods
      - The Poet and the Muse

  • Specials
      - Carnival of Rust (Instrumental)
      - Lift (Instrumental)
      - Captain's Rochard Soundtrack (+ Grinder's Blues)
Poets of the Fall's  Message:
Our DigiStore closes down temporarily at the end of November, due to Equal Dreams, our store backend, closing their music service. Everything you have already purchased (or will purchase while the service still operates) will remain fully playable on your computer or music player - just make sure you have downloaded all your purchased music from your Equal Dreams account by the end of November. We intend to open DigiStore again as soon as possible using a new service.

But wait! From this moment until the end of November, you get everything in DigiStore for half the regular price! Yes, you read that right - that's all songs, albums, singles, soundtracks and instrumentals. Remember, you only have until Nov 30. Act fast!

Note that our Official Webshop is not affected, and keeps delivering Poets of the Fall CDs & clothing all over the world!


Formerly "Vanguard"

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