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9th November 2012
Autumn Seal Coupons

Autumn Seal is giving gamers the chance to get discount codes on a number of games including titles by Remedy, Frozenbyte, Recoil Games, and Almost Human.

Update: If anyone specifically wants a code for Alan Wake's American Nightmare or Legend of Grimrock, I've got a one for each. Just email me and I can send you the code over.


  • Trine 1 (-75%)
  • Trine 2 (-75%)
  • Trine 2: Goblin Menace (-50%)
  • Trine Complete Collection (-75%)
  • Collector's Edition (-50%)
  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare (-50%)

Recoil Games
  • Rochard (-75%)

Almost Human
  • Legend of Grimrock (-50%)

I'm a massive geek when it comes to Finnish games, so I've actually played all of them. Trine is amazingly beautiful; the screenshots do not do it justice! The fights are quite tricky at the start but it does grow on the player and there's a great balance between the slow, peaceful sections of the game and the fast, action-pack sections. "Rochard", by Recoil, is an awesome platformer with music by the equally awesome Poets of the Fall. It's great for anyone who's a fan of "Portal" or "Team Fortress". The third game is "Legend of Grimrock"; a fantasy old-school dungeon game and an insanely addictive title. It also comes with a level editor! And if you visit this site then you already know my opinion of Alan Wake!

CLICK HERE for the Autumn Seal website.


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