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6th November 2012
Remedy Does Movember, Like a Sir!

Movember is a yearly event where classy gentlemen grow beards; fundraising for charity in the process. It’s a worldwide challenge and cause, which has inspired 1.9 million people, since the creation of the event in 2003, to put down the razor in an attempt to collect money to combat prostate cancer. Among them are a group of awesome guys at Remedy which include Ozz, Sam, Patric, Jari, Johannes, Juha, Jukka-Pekka and Lauri.

So far the Remedy team have raised of €135, which will no doubt escalate as this month progresses.

Donations can be made to an individual person or the team as a whole via the organisation’s website. All money given will go directly to the Cancer Society in Finland.

CLICK HERE to view the team’s page and to make a donation!

(Best of luck, guys!)

(UPDATE #1: The team raised €280 in total for the charity. Congratulations to everyone who took part!)


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