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29th May 2012
Eurogamer, The Old Gods of Asgard and Sweepstakes

Alan Wake has been the focus of Eurogamer recently with interviews, reviews and possible plans of an Old God of Asgard concert in Germany:

  • First is their review of the newly released Alan Wake's American Nightmare on PC where they give the arcade title 8/10 - CLICK HERE for the review
  • Oskari H√§kkinen, Franchise Director, recently talked to the website about their latest game. They asked if there might be the chance of an Old Gods of Asgard concert in Germany. Oskari replied saying that if they can book out a stage, it's a possibility. It also relies on the amount of support this venture is given, so if you're interested, make sure Remedy knows!
  • You can also download a legal copy of Balance Slays the Demon by Old Gods of Asgard/Poets of the Fall from Eurogamer. The song is 320kbit MP3 and is available to download via Eurogamer - HERE
  • Finally, a sweepstakes competition for Alan Wake fans in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Up form grabs are 2 Steam keys for the original Alan Wake title, and 5 Steam keys for Alan Wake's American Nightmare. CLICK HERE for a competition.
Source: Official Website


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