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27th May 2012
Alan Wake's American Nightmare v1.01 (Patch #1)

The first patch for Alan Wake's American Nightmare (on PC) has been released. The patch fixes and improves on a number of different problems:

Alan Wake's American Nightmare v1.01 release notes

• Fixed a rare startup crash on some systems
• Fixed VSync enabling - in some cases it wasn't enabled even if it was set to ON in the menus
• Fixed holding a flare when the user keeps the middle mouse button pressed
• Fixed a typo in Italian translation
• Improved loading times
• Please see our forum for up to date troubleshooting and update information:
You can suggest content for further patches at the Remedy forums:

At the moment, patches are only available for games bought through Steam.GOG doesn't have a system allowing patches to be added to their site. Remedy are currently looking at getting fans who have purchased the game via GOG the updates as well.


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