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19th May 2012
New Alan Wake's American Nightmare Concept Artwork Released

In the off chance that you've managed to drag yourself away from Max Payne 3 this weekend, Remedy has recently released a brand new set of concept artwork from Alan Wake's American Nightmare to celebrate the upcoming release of the arcade title on PC!

The pack has two sections; locations and enemies, and it's available to download via Sandbox Strategies. Click Here to go to the company's download link.

There are fourteen location images ranging from the motel, oil derrick, observatory and the projector room.

This is my personal favourite...

There are also ten pieces of enemy concept artwork which includes a creature that didn't make it to the final version of the game...It's quite strange, like a dog spider thing...I recommend you take a look!

You can also view the images via The Sudden Stop's gallery:
CLICK HERE for location artwork
CLICK HERE for enemy artwork


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