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20th February 2012
EDGE's "The Making of Alan Wake"

If you managed to get hold of a copy of the January 2012 edition of EDGE Magazine, you might have noticed that on page 154 it had a behind-the-scenes look at Remedy's technology as well as talking to Sam Lake (Creative Director and Lead Writer) and Oskari Häkkinen (Head of Franchise) about the creation of the game.

Those who couldn't get hold of a copy will be happy to hear that the piece is now posted on their website.

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When Sam Lake was a kid, he spent his summer holidays on an apple farm in Raasepori in the south of Finland. One day, while exploring the rundown outbuildings, he stumbled across a treasure trove of junk. Among it was an old light switch. He called it his “clicker”.

“To me, stuff like that always felt particularly mysterious and magical,” the 41-year-old creative director tells us. “I love old rusted machine parts that you can’t quite figure out, old telephones and radios.” The switch became one of his favourite toys, a magical totem with secret powers. It wasn’t until the little boy grew up and became the lead writer at Finnish videogame developer Remedy Entertainment that he realised what the clicker was really for. In Alan Wake – a game about a horror novelist’s attempts to save his wife from a supernatural power – the clicker becomes a metaphor. Terrorised by an evil force using his own fiction against him, Wake is trapped between waking reality and nightmare.
CLICK HERE to read the full article at EDGE
Updated on May 8th 2023 with a Wayback Machine article. 


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