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20th February 2012
Media Catchup

Today there was a lot of new Alan Wake material on gaming sites with the PC version released a few days ago and Alan Wake's American Nightmare due just the day after tomorrow! Below is a selection of articles, interviews and reviews about the games:


    The Making of Alan Wake


  • INTERVIEW: GameSugar
    Interview with Matias Myllyrinne
    "Again, the action is very well done and the controls are still tight and responsive enough that each kill or nimble dodge of an axe swipe by Alan feels very satisfying. The new Arcade challenge mode, complete with 10 maps, adds to some of the replay-ability found in the collectible hunting of the main story as you try to work your way up the leaderboard and earn the high score as you refine your Taken bashing skills." 
  • REVIEW: Kotaku
    "The game takes place two years after the events of Alan Wake. You're hunting for the keys to re-write reality in the game's levels, just as a writer hunts for the right words to create mood and meaning. American Nightmare adds depth to the symbols at the core of the Alan Wake formula- writing, light, darkness, multiplicity of self—and also ramps up the combat in a satisfying way."
  • REVIEW: Destructoid
    Ask any fan why they like Alan Wake, and you'll hear different stories. Some will talk about how they enjoyed the Stephen King, Twin Peaks, and Lost inspired storyline and setting. Others will laud the tense experience on the Hard and Nightmare difficulties, or the use of music. None of them will try to convince you that Alan Wake was by any means a perfect game but, more than anything, they will all tell you how much they want another title.
  • REVIEW: GameInformer
    At the heart of the problem is Alan’s evil doppelganger, Mr. Scratch, a villain who mostly appears on screen as a real human being played by Finnish actor Iikka Villi. He delivers a strong performance and makes for a great antagonist.


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