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20th February 2012
Remedy's Message to Fans

Matias Myllyrinne (CEO of Remedy) posted the following message thanking fans on the Alan Wake forums today:

First of all, apologies, as I don't post here nearly as often as I should! Fortunately, my wonderful colleagues keep this space alive and stay in dialogue with you, the fans (tips hat to Mikki, Markus, Peter Pap, AJ and Co.)

So what brings me here now? Well, I came to work this morning to see and hear about the unbelievable success of the PC version of Alan Wake. WTF!!! It was #1 on Steam this weekend! That’s a big deal. And this time, instead of crawling into the small space in the corner of my office to weep tears of joy (that same space I generally use for weeping over things I can't affect) I instead decided to be a little more productive and say something to you guys, from me and on behalf of my team, about how we feel.

We made it a priority to create the best PC version of the game we possibly could, as opposed to a sloppy port we ourselves would hate to play, and judging by the amount of encouragement and positive feedback that has been pouring in, that’s really paid off! Rest assured that we are still listening to your requests and will maintain efforts to make necessary updates to the build now that it's been released.

So as you well know, just before last weekend we finally managed to release Alan Wake on PC. The response has been quite overwhelming, despite the fact that it took time to get it in the hands of gamers. (Yes, we remember your initial excitement, we remember your petition… and I remember spending time in that same corner mentioned earlier.) Those that have followed us over the 18 years we have been making games will know our heritage in PC and PC gaming. We have always wanted to do a PC version of Alan Wake and with the go-ahead and blessing from Microsoft we started to work hard on creating a version that PC gamers deserve.

So I want to thank our team for all the effort they put into this, I want to thank our partner Nitro Games for development help and doing a lot of the heavy lifting, and I want to thank Microsoft for their support with the original Alan Wake and for their blessing to self-publish this title, which we appreciate a lot. But most of all I'm here to just plain and simply thank all of you. Without you and your continued support we wouldn't be the company we are today, and we wouldn’t be able to come to work every day to create the story-driven experiences we love. This is our job, but entertaining you is our passion!

We're a small company and all this means a lot to us.I speak on behalf of everyone at Remedy when I say that we are very thankful and humbled by your overwhelmingly response.

Cheers guys!
Matias - CEO

P.s oh well, now I went and got myself all emotional! I may just pop over to that corner after all… :)


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