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18th February 2012
IGN Alan Wake's American Nightmare Preview (Videos)

On 14th February, IGN featured a live preview of Alan Wake's American Nightmare. This consisted of 40 minutes with the game and 20 minutes with the Fight Till Dawn mode. It was held between noon and 1pm PST on their website. For those who missed the preview and wanted to see it, IGN posted a recording of the event on their YouTube channel. 

There were some technical glitches with IGN's connection at the start which were fixed later on and the connection then ran smoothly. They also seem to be missing the beginning live action cutscene.

In the opening live action cutscene Alan is searching through the Dark Place armed with a revolver and a torch as the Night Springs narrator introduces the character. Mr Scratch appears suddenly and causes the Darkness to surround Wake leading to him being pushed backwards. Alan then finds himself Arizona where the game begins.


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