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10th February 2012
Mr Scratch Trailer (GameTrailers Exclusive)

GameTrailers have just released a new American Nightmare trailer focusing on the highly psychotic (yet strangely loveable) Mr Scratch played by the (a lot) less psychotic, yet still loveable Ilkka Villi. If this wasn't one of your best days, let this trailer with it's dancing antagonist, make today a whole lot better! ...If only I knew how to make .gif files.

UPDATE #1: I've just received an email from Aki Järvilehto (EVP) saying that there are two people who work at Remedy co-starring in this video. (Thank you!)

UPDATE #2: The song in the trailer is called "The Happy Song" by Poets of the Fall. (Thanks to @Tashofthefuture for the information!)

You can view the trailer below or at the GameTrailers site.

Also the editing in this trailer is awesome!


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