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11th February 2012
Max Payne: Valhalla Fan Movie

For the past couple of months Guillermo and Javier from Madrid in Spain have been creating a short fan video dedicated to the Max Payne game called Max Payne: Valhalla.

In this fan short film we will go back thirteen years, exactly to the night where Payne’s worst nightmare started. Although our plan is to shoot a remake, we have prepared further situations as well as surprising scenes, which will provide the story with a new dimension. Our aim is to bring in some of our personal vision to the character, but remaining as faithful as possible to the original story by Sam Lake.
(From their website)

They have already begun shooting several scenes and now are beginning to focus on the final part of the game involving a helicopter pad. They've already received permission from a company to film there but in order to do so they need to raise 2500 euros. You can donate to the project via their Indie Gogo fundraiser account.


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