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Bright Falls: Episode Six: Clearcut Synopsis

Sherriff Mulligan drove the the Motel in the search for the owner. Unable to find him, he knocks on one of the occupied rooms. Inside Jake is packing his bag but pauses to open the door, Mulligan asks if he has seen Sam, Jake shakes his head. The officer asks to enter the motel and walks in before Jake could respond. Inside Mulligan inspects the damage, Jake claims he left the door open the previous night. Mulligan trusts him and agrees that it was the work of an animal before leaves the motel.

Jake immediately drives to the Bright Falls Records, where he sees Helen outside on the phone. He asks her to come with him. Moments later she is driving Jake out of Bright Falls, he admits he isn't in control.

Jake spaces out again and wakes up to find him behind the wheel of the car, music playing loudly. He notices Helen's shoe next to him, on it is blood. With his eyes returning to the road, he notices the "Welcome to Bright Falls" sign ahead of him, seeing it forces him to slams on the breaks. Afterwards, he sits in the seat.

Hours later, he has disappeared, and police cars approach the scenes. Flares are placed in the center. Officers are patrolling the scene. A car approaches one of the officers, inside is Alan and Alice Wake. The officer explains that a car was abandoned.


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