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Bright Falls: Episode Five: Off The Record Synopsis

Jake emerges from the woods and walks over to his car parked in the middle of the road with it's boot open, unfazed as he walks over broken glass, barefoot.

On the way to the town, Jake receives a phone call from Hal who explains that their last conversation was cut, he also asks if Jake had managed to get "The Creator's Dilemma" signed by Hartman.

Jake travels to Cauldron Lake Clinic to meet up with Hartman, who signs his book. Before leaving, Jake admits to the Doctor that he has been waking up in weird places such as the woods and the lake and also experiences time lapses. He almost admits to murdering Sam but changes it to a deer instead.

Hartman examines him by taking his pulse. He uses a torch to look at Jake's eyes, but as the light reached the reporter, Jake backs away in pain. He asks what Hartman had done before running away.

Jake reaches the motel room, and looks through his bag to find the duct tape. After discovering it, he sets his camera to record his actions as he ties himself to the front of the fridge.

Several hours pass, and Jake wakes up to find the motel room is completely destroyed, the fridge door broken beside him, his untied and his camera battery failing. He rewatches the video on the TV and where he realizes he has become a Taken.


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