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Bright Falls: Episode Four: Local Flavor Synopsis

Jake travels to a store, the item he wants is unknown but is presumed to be related to the car. The store clerk is unable to fulfill his request and Jake leaves with only duct tape.

He travels to the Oh Deer Diner, after parking outside he witness Jill, whom he saw when he met Helen at the diner. She is now rabid and trying to destroy street lights by throwing stones. A police car pulls up along side her, and Mulligan emerges to try to calm her down. Jill throws a stone at him and he tries to arrest her, getting injured in the process.

Jake wanders into the Diner where he sees Rose again, he explains what he just witnessed outside but as they approach the window, they can see nothing. A few seconds later, a police car pulls up along side the diner, Jill is in the back seat, and Mulligan emerges with a bloodied hand. He walks into the Diner and demands wet towels.

Meanwhile, Jake is entranced in the Deerfest advert. He spaces out but comes to, finding himself soaked and in a body bag in the middle of the forest. Someone shines a light on him and he runs away.


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