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22nd December 2011
EDGE - Alan Wake Notes

The January 2012 edition of Edge Magazine had a six page feature on the upcoming Alan Wake game as well as four page focus on the technology later on in the issue. Below are notes taken from the magazine:

Alan Wake's American Nightmare:

  • Night isn't the setting this time around, the game features more dusk and dawn lighting.
  • From Dusk Till Dawn is mentioned as an inspiration.
  • Expanded combat, more weapons and enemies.
  • The game will also feature a leaderboard presumably on the "Fight 'Til Dawn" mode. 
  • Wake travels to Night Springs in Arizona, but it's unclear whether the location is real or just fiction.
  • The game starts in Bird Leg Cabin - where The Writer DLC left off. 
  • There's a quick tutorial at the start which frees Wake from the cabin. In the tutorial, players will be reminded how to use the torch and gun to their advantage against the enemies. 
  • After leaving the cabin, Wake's first destination is a nearby motel with light. 
  • After getting to the motel, the player is introduced to another character who is working in a garage close to the motel (as seen in the trailer). The woman hands Wake a manuscript page and a nailgun.
  • American Nightmare is a standalone experience but the storyline carries on from previous games in a series of manuscript pages - so the storyline is optional. 
  • The pages foretell upcoming events but they can also be used to alter the events in your favor. 
  • Kasabian will play on one of the radios. 
  • The HUD radar makes locating items easier. 
  • Voluntarily acquring the Kasabian CD, the player will meet their first new enemy, the Splitter. The new enemy is taller and stronger but a beam of light will split the enemy into four.
  • The "Fight 'Til Dawn" made is single player only. 
  • Another new enemy is the Grenadiers which can throw grenades that explode with darkness. 
  • The combo number goes up to a maximum of nine in the survival mode. 
  • Mr Scratch will appear to the player mainly in series of TV broadcasts in the game showing live action actor, Ilkka Villi.
  • The main cutscenes are preformed by the game's actors.


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