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Information on Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Alan Wake's American Nightmare was released on 22nd February 2012 as part of XBOX's Summer of Arcade deal. The game is developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft on XBOX Live.

Remedy officially announced Alan Wake's American Nightmare at the Video Game Awards hosted by Spike TV.

In many ways American Nightmare is a continuation of it's predesscor, with a storyline which carries on; keeping tabs on the activities and whereabouts of familiar names. However it's more officially described as a spin off adventure, taking place in the fictional world of Night Springs.

In the game, Alan Wake is hunting down Mr Scratch (his evil doppelgänger) to prevent him doing any harm to his wife, Alice. Scratch has been able to move between The Dark Place and the real world easily, allowing Alice to glimpse him out of the corner of her eye, while he plots their "reunion". Caught in a timeloop of Scratch's making, Wake has to figure out how to break the cycle and cross back into reality.

An extra feature of the game is the "Fight Til Dawn" which focuses on pure action as the player has to fight an army of Taken for ten minutes until the sun rises. It's a horde mode with plenty of new enemies, new locations and new


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