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Bright Falls: Episode Three: Lights Out Synopsis

Jake wakes up in the forest his hands are covered in red mud. He is disorientated but he notices the young boy, he saw in the Motel. The young boy notices that he woke up and ran away, despite Jake calling after him, he doesn't come back.

Jake drives to the Bright Falls Records to meet Helen and to show her the notes he took during Hartman's interview. She looks over them but has no idea what they mean. Jake leaves but Helen calls him back to warn him that he should go.

At the Motel, a noise disturbs Sam and the young boy. Sam tells the boy to run inside before he fixes a broken light. While Sam is replacing the bulb, another noise interrupts him, this time from the woods. He returns indoors to obtain a hunting rifle and jacket. Returning to the woods, he fires a warning shot, but the movement continues. In fear, Sam backs away and accidentally slips on empty shell from the warning shot. He slips and catches his leg in a bear trap. He laughs as something drags him away.


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