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Bright Falls Character List

Jake Fischer
(played by Christopher Forsyth)
A reporter who travels to Bright Falls to do an interview with Dr Emil Hartman. While in the town, he experiences time lapses and often wakes up to find himself alone in the woods.

(voiced by Tom Noonan)
Is presumed to be Jake's agent, although it is unclear whether this is the case or if they're friends. He only appears in the series as a voice from a phone as Jake is driving through the town.

(played by Allison Lange)
Ellen is a reporter at the Bright Falls Records. Why she traveled to Bright Falls and what her relationship to the protagonist is unclear in the episodes, but her and Jake have a close relationship.

Rose Marigold
(played by Merette Bartles)
Rose is the waitress at the Oh Deer Diner. She is a fan of Alan Wake and writers in general. Often in the episodes she shows jealousy of Ellen especially when Jake goes to the Diner to meet her.

(played by Cooper Huckabee)
The owner of the Motel which Jake stays at. He is familiar with the Taken and often goes into the woods with a hunting rifle to scare away the creatures from the Motel.

Young Boy
(played by Liam Moser)
He stays at the Motel and helps run the business with Sam.

Dr Emil Hartman
(played by Bruce Katzman)
Hartman is a doctor, writer and owner of Cauldron Lake Lodge. He claims to help artists at his lodge, as well as through his book; "The Creator's Dilemma". Jake travels to Bright Falls to do an interview with the doctor. It is also implied that he is familiar with the Taken.

Sheriff Mulligan
(played by Robert Peters)
A sheriff working in Bright Falls, who knows everyone in the town. In the series, he often chews tobacco. He's only referenced in the game.

Alan Wake
(played by Ilkka Villi)
(voiced by Matthew Porretta)
The eponymous hero in the video game, Alan Wake is a best-selling author suffering from writer's block. There are several mentions of the character due to Rose's interest throughout the series, but the character's only real appearance is at the end of Episode 6.

Alice Wake
(played by Emily Peterson)
A photographer, seen more frequently in the game. She is often referred to as Alan's muse. Through flashbacks in the game, it is seen that she is the one who is in more control of the relationship and she tries to help Alan through his writer's block. There is only a brief appearance of her in the car at the end of Episode 6.

(only mentioned)
It's not mentioned the relationship this she has with Jake, but it could be inferred that she is his wife. There are several mentions by Hal and Ellen that Jake and Libby has several problems with each other. According to Hal in the first episode, she didn't know that Jake was going to Bright Falls.

(Only mentioned)
A fan of "The Creator's Dilemma", he asked if the book could be signed. This desire forces Jake to return to the office for a second time, where he admits he has been experiences the lapses.


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