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Revolution Roulette

Release Date: 26th March 2008
Publisher: Insomniac

Singles: Diamonds For Tears, The Ultimate Fling

After Carnival of Rust, Poets of the Fall relaxed their schedule slightly, adding an extra year to create their third album. For Revolution Roulette, the band wanted a more "rock-y" approach to their music. The majority of the songs from More to Revolution Roulette focused more on electric-guitar driven track. Although there are also some lighter, more delicate songs in the album with Fragile and Where Do We Draw the Line.

Album List:

Track 1: More
Track 2: The Ultimate Fling
Track 3: Revolution Roulette
Track 4: Psychosis
Track 5: Fragile
Track 6: Clevermind
                        Track 7: Miss Impossible
                        Track 8: Diamonds for Tears
                        Track 9: Passion Colours Everything
                        Track 10: Save Me
                        Track 11: Where Do We Draw the Line


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