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Carnival of Rust Album

Release Date: 12th April 2006
Publisher: Insomniac

Singles: Carnival of Rust, Sorry Go Round, Locking Up the Sun

As a result of their success with Signs of Life, the band began work on their second album entitled Carnival of Rust. Their workload had got more intense, in interviews Marko has commented on how the band was tweaking their music right up until the last moment. Their tour life also became more extreme with 126 gigs played promoting the album, double what they had played promoting Signs of Life.

The hard work paid off, once again the band was rewarded with a platinum certification in Finland. Through Carnival of Rust they created another iconic track which shared the same name, the music video of which was voted "Best Finnish Music Video Of All Time". They also toured more countries while promoting the album. playing in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, India, Lithuania, Russia and Sweden. At this point they expanded the band's workspace, moving out of Captain's living room and into a studio.

Song List:
Track 1: Fire
Track 2: Sorry Go Round
Track 3: Carnival of Rust
Track 4: Locking Up the Sun
Track 5: Gravity
Track 6: King of Fools
                Track 7: Roses
                Track 8: Desire
                Track 9: All the Way / 4U
                Track 10: Delicious
                Track 11: Maybe Tomorrow Is A Better Day
                Track 12: Dawn


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