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Easter Eggs, References & Interesting Tidbits in Max Payne

The Max Payne series is packed full of easter eggs, pop culture references and interesting details. Below is a list of some of the things which you may not have known about Max's first adventure. Like with all of the pages on this site, this page will receive revising and updating to make sure it's the perfect homage to the title.

Armed Rats
I haven't yet tested this one out personally, but apparently Max can have a shooting match with a group of armed rats. This scene takes place at Roscoe Street Station, before you detonate the door. In a dark room, you might be able to see a hole in the wall where a perfectly thrown grenade might reach. This Easter Egg depends on the platform you're playing on and your ability to cheat your way to obtain a grenade. Once the grenade is in your hand, throw it through the hole and then proceed with the game. After a while the Easter Egg will find you and rats with guns will start shooting at Max.

"Thank You"
When Max enters the vault, the alarms are already blaring. Once the player takes out the bad guys and has some breathing room, you can get a nice easter egg by shooting the alarms. In response, Max says "thank you" as soon as it turns off.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
In the somewhat-dodgy motel near the start of the game, Max will pass a door boarded up with wood. After shooting his way in, walk to the window, climb onto the outside ledge, and follow the spots of blood to a room to the right. In the room, there's a dead body with a stake through his heart. The body is laying face down and began to write a name in his final moments, "Buff". This could be a connection to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Sam Lake as Max Payne
With a limited budget, the development team looked at friends and relatives to portray characters in the game. Max Payne was actually portrayed by the game's writer, Sam Lake. His parents also appear in the game; his mother plays Nicole Horne and his father plays a gangster.

Marko Saaresto as Vladimir Lem
Portraying Vlad is Marko Saaresto, who later founded a band called Poets of the Fall, where he's the lead singer. Fans of Remedy's titles may recognise the name; the band and the developers have worked together for years now. POTF's first song, Late Goodbye, was the theme song for Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. In the sequel, Marko also reprised his role... of sorts; he portrayed Lord Valentine in Lords and Ladies, a television show which mirrored elements of the Max Payne story.

Elevator Music
Like at the vault, Max can shoot the elevator speaker to end the cheerful music. This music was also added to the lift during Remedy's 20th Anniversary Celebration in August 2015.

End Combat
After completing the game on Dead on Arrival mode, the player is treated to an additional level where they face a difficult combat challenge. If they win the level, it unlocks a new room in the Aesir building dedicated to the development of the game. The room is filled with reference photos taken by the team on their trip to New York as well as a group photo of everyone.


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