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Death Rally 2011 Track - Oasis

The Oasis track is built next to an isolated garage in the middle of a desert. It presents numerous challenges including four tight turns which can be used to the player's advantage. There's also a bridge located at the penultimate turn which limits overtaking leading into the last corner.

Number of Turns: 11
Number of Bridges: 1
Main Advantage: large corner
Main Disadvantage: bridge and turn directly afterwards

  - You can miss a large section of the long curve (located at the right hand side of the map) by turning in early and suddenly drifting the car around at the rocks. You would need to go off track a little, but not too much as you may crash into the rocks. It's a slightly tricky manoeuvre but will shave off a few seconds of your lap time.

 - If you're up against another car leading onto the bridge, try being on the right (outer side) of the track. It may give you a disadvantage on the corner directly after the bridge, but it should put you in a better position in the final corner where you can either a) accelerate into the lead or b) hit your opponent forcing him to steer off the track.

 - If you have trouble cutting the large corner or you get forced to run wide, try to hit some of the wooden cargo, the ammo/turbo/health you may acquire might help you to take out the driver ahead.

(The orange circles on the map indicates supply hotspots.)


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