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Death Rally 2011 Refinery Map

The Refinery track takes place at...well, an oil refinery. The track is possibly one of the most challenging but also interesting; with the number of extremely tight corners, the position you start the lap in is very unlikely to be the one you finish with.

Number of Turns: 10
Number of Bridges: 0
Main Advantage: cargo located at corners allows for easy take downs
Main Disadvantage: easy to lose positions at the corners

- You can drive the last corner flat out, only turning slightly, although this will take some practise to perfect.

- Try to stay behind in the corners. This may sound a little strange, but it will benefit you later. In the corners you can get ammo from the cargo, staying behind (but close) to the pack allows you to take out a few cars pretty easily without having to target.

(The orange circles on the map indicates supply hotspots.)


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