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Death Rally Reviews (2011)

"Approaching it as strictly a new iOS title, Death Rally is one of the finest top-down racers in the App Store. Death Rally isn’t perfect mind you, but it’s an absolutely gorgeous title with satisfying combat-heavy racing and an engaging upgrade system."

"Death Rally is a lot of fun to play, it looks great, runs smooth, and it's very addictive. Having Duke Nukem appear as a boss with a few signature lines is also a nice throwback to the original game too."

"One could say I had a high bar set for this game. You see I’m quite a fan of the original top down racer. There’s no way some half hearted redux would fly here, no sir. Excellent news though, what we get here is exactly what we should – a top down driving game that’s heavy on both the combat and visuals."

"This is unadulterated action from green light to chequered flag; a classy combination of car combat and drift-happy racing that sits very nicely on the shiny screen of an iPhone 4. After a brief comic book-panelled prologue (alright, perhaps Remedy can't help putting a bit of story in there), you're left with nothing more than a banger to drive and a handful of curious-sounding events to enter, ranging from straight races to all-out ammo-fuelled wars."

"After seeing such handsome screens for Death Rally, the iOS remake of Alan Wake-developer Remedy's first PC game, I sincerely hoped that the game would be just as fun. My hope was not misplaced. After going thumbs-on with Death Rally for the iPad and iPhone today at GDC, I need to telegraph this singular message: put this game on your radar."


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