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Alan Wake, Writer in the Cabin #7

In Alan Wake and Alan Wake Remastered, players can discover seven Writer in the Cabin videos alongside six Night Springs episodes. The former provides glimpses into Wake's missing week, a sneak peek into his revelations, state of mind, and influences. 

Alan settles on his journey, wary of the Dark Presence's influence and encouragement. As the writer, he places himself as the protagonist and writes in Thomas Zane to help him.

Collected as part of the story. After investigating the cabin in Episode 4 and finding the wounded man upstairs, the TV will spark to life as you reach the landing again. 


"I've run through every possible course in my head. If I continue like the Dark Presence wants me to, the story I'm writing won't save Alice. It's a horror story, and it's going to kill her, and me, and everybody in this town. No one will survive. Darkness will consume everything. This is what it's wanted all along. It will be free. Unstoppable. It used Alice to get to me. Dangled her in front of me to keep me going. It was never going to release her. I'm going to change this. I'll escape. 

"I've written myself into the story. I'm now the protagonist. This feels like a terrible risk but it's the only way to save Alice. I'll be bound by the events of the story just as much as anyone else who's been woven into it. The story must stay true for this to work. There have to be victims along the way, near escapes, cliffhangers. In a horror story, it can't be certain that the hero will succeed or even survive. He almost has to die. I'll write my own escape into the story next. I'll need help. Zane's going to be the one who will help me. I'll make it happen."


  • Script Note. The original script provides a direction for how the scene appears; "The light recedes, almost as if it was shining from behind the TV set. On the screen, the study of the Bird Leg Cabin can be seen, as though through a stationary security camera hidden in the wall. The desk is framed by the two round windows. Beyond the windows, there’s only darkness. Wake is looking at the camera, a close-up. The “Touched” effect is flickering now and again."


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