There are places in our world where fiction and dreams can come true.

Alan Wake, Writer in the Cabin #6

In Alan Wake and Alan Wake Remastered, players can discover seven Writer in the Cabin videos alongside six Night Springs episodes. The former provides glimpses into Wake's missing week, a sneak peek into his revelations, state of mind, and influences. 

After spending days in the Dark Place, Alan becomes aware that something is wrong, particularly with the editor he placed his faith in. 

Collected as part of the story. As Alan returns to his room in Cauldron Lake Lodge, instructed to by Dr Hartman, the TV to the side of the stairs will burst to life. 


"Something's wrong. I'm not myself. It's hard to think. There's- there's a shadow inside my head. I can only focus on writing; everything else is a blur. I'm trapped in this cabin. Have been for days, but it's... always dark outside. My editor is real. I saw her again, she's not human... it's not human. A dark presence is wearing the old woman's face. She was covered in clinging shadows. There's a hole in her chest where her heart should be. I think I've made a horrible mistake. I don't think I'm any closer to saving Alice. It's been lying to me. Using me to get the story it wants, and the story will come true."


  • Script Note. The original script provides a direction for how the scene appears; "The light recedes, almost as if it was shining from behind the TV set. On the screen, the study of the Bird Leg Cabin can be seen, as though through a stationary security camera hidden in the wall. The desk is framed by the two round windows. Beyond the windows, there’s only darkness. Wake is looking at the camera, a close-up. The “Touched” effect is flickering now and again."

  • Delayed Placement. The TV set was originally meant to be placed inside of Alan's room at Cauldron Lake Lodge. The decision to place it in the corridor allows for Hartman's theory on how Alan came to be in his care to be plausible. 


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