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Max Payne Characters


    Main Characters
Max Payne
    A man with nothing to lose. A former NYPD officer. Max originally turned down undercover work in favour of spending time with his wife and new born baby...That same night his family were killed. Years later, Max is now an undercover cop trying to infiltrate the worst mafia group in New York; since the death of his family, Payne has been in search of answers about the night. Things heat up as the protagonist gets close to the truth, and he finds himself hunted by the gangsters he spied on and the police for a crime he didn't commit.

Alfred Woden
   Woden is a US senator and an influential member of the Inner Circle. Woden appears frequently throughout the game, communicating at first through telephone calls warning Max of upcoming events. He's the individual responsible for informing Max of Horne's plot as well as ensuring the protagonist's release between the first and second game.

Mona Sax
   Mona is the sister of Lisa Punchinello and also a professional hitman. Lisa was married Angelo Punchinello, a mafia boss and abusive husband. In the first game, Mona's goal was a personal one, revenge for her sister's death. It's also presumed that Nicole Horne had employed Mona to take out Max, hence her reappearance at the Aesir building. In her final scene, Horne's bodyguards shoots Mona in the head while she was trying to protect Max, but she disappears despite the extensive wound.

Nicole Horne
   Horne is the main antagonist in the game. She continued the designer drug, Valkyr, in the Valhalla Project despite its previous failures. As the CEO of the Aesir corporation, Horne was also involved in the distribution of the drug, working a number of Mafia bosses including the Punchinello household.  She is also responsible for the death of Max's wife and daughter.

   Secondary Characters
Alex Balder 
Boris Dime
Candy Dawn
Jim Bravura
Jack Lupino
Kyra Silver
Michelle Payne
Rico Muerte
Rose Payne
Vinnie Gognitti
Vladimir Lem 


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