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Alan Wake, Writer in the Cabin #5

In Alan Wake and Alan Wake Remastered, players can discover seven Writer in the Cabin videos alongside six Night Springs episodes. The former provides glimpses into Wake's missing week, a sneak peek into his revelations, state of mind, and influences. 

Taking a quick writing break, Alan is able to explore the downstairs of the cabin. In his search, he finds a shoebox filled with work by Thomas Zane.

Collected as part of the story. When travelling to the Mirror Peak lookout, Alan can collect resources inside a wooden building. The TV will automatically turn on. 


"Anything outside of writing is a struggle, I feel ill. I managed to make my way downstairs. There's a shoebox filled with books and papers by Thomas Zane. It's very hard to focus, but I managed to read some of it. He's a poet, and a good one! He writes of muses and creators, summoning fabulous things from a magic lake. Using his powers to shape the world of a realm of Gods and dreams and demons. Dark things that wait for a chance to slip through, wearing the flesh of men as disguise. Zane writes about himself; his girlfriend being taken over by a dark presence, about growing scared of the lake. Zane believes it's a mirror to the gaping void of darkness above, where some Lovecraftian presence lurks. I crawled back upstairs. I'll borrow these things for my story. They ring true. They fit."


  • Script Note. The original script provides a direction for how the scene appears; "The light recedes, almost as if it was shining from behind the TV set. On the screen, the study of the Bird Leg Cabin can be seen, as though through a stationary security camera hidden in the wall. The desk is framed by the two round windows. Beyond the windows, there’s only darkness. Wake is looking at the camera, a close-up. The “Touched” effect is flickering now and again."


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