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Alan Wake Remastered, QR Code #3

 In Alan Wake Remastered, the QR Codes were revised from the 2012 PC edition, where they had originally appeared. In the 2012 version, they sent players to memes and official links, but with the Remastered edition, the team revisited those link opportunities to connect their adventures.

In this new edition, scanning the codes sent the player to a YouTube link with a recording of Alan Wake set at a typewriter. For those who have played Control, you may recognise the style! 

After meeting with the Anderson brothers, Hartman will excuse himself to prepare for the upcoming storm. When you enter the main foyer area, Desole will tell you to take Hartman's advice and to try to give the writing another shot. Go up the stairs and turn right. It's on the opposite wall to the TV that springs to life with a new Writer in the Cabin video.

Scanning the QR code will send the player to a YouTube link. You can watch Vision 03HERE


A beginning. A primordial forest. The colours of the fall. The mist. A caldera lake. Silence echoes, loud. It's too late to hear the words. The man, naked, crawls to the shore. Like a birth? To say that would be a lie. Nothing like a birth. The opposite. He staggers to his feet. A carcass of a deer lies in the shore, rotting, amidst driftwood. The man is afraid. Beside himself. Who is he? He doesn't himself know. Dark waves have washed it away. A blank page where this horror story will be written. He remembers darkness, feels the shadow pressing down on him, coming after him. He must get away. He runs to the forest, to a fate worse than death. 

Differences to Alan Wake (2012)
In the original PC version of the game, scanning the QR code gave a gif of Sam Lake's appearance in the in-game Harry Garrett Show, as he does the "Max Payne face". The text reads, "Constipation, that looks Payneful." The link has been redirected for the code following the rework of the official site. 

Connections to Alan Wake 2
The writing style is noticeably different compared to Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare. The sentences are shorter, and the delivery intentionally more stilted, as though delivered through exhaustion or fear.

Unlike the previous two recordings, this one is known to connect specifically to a scene in Alan Wake 2. After stepping over the Overlap, Saga Anderson meets Alan, who has seemingly been washed up on the shoreline at Cauldron Lake. The game takes place during the autumn, the scene against a sunset, dousing everything in a golden light. She asks him for his name, and he noticeably struggles to find the answer at first. 


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